Month: June 2021

How to Survive the Anti-Aspies – Microbiology vs. Antisepsis

The world is facing a microbe-based pandemic, and that means an onslaught of diseases is sweeping the planet.While antibiotics, antiviral medications and other modern therapies can fight off many infections, they are not a cure-all.And if they fail, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be effective.That’s why a team of researchers led by Dr. Hervé Tournier, […]

How to get the ‘Antisepsis’ study right

By David Degerming, National Post reporterDecember 9, 2017It’s a study that seems to have the backing of a number of experts, including an academic who says it could have implications for how people manage their own allergies and how we deal with the pandemic.Antisepsie is a new antihistamine that is currently being tested in a […]

How to talk about antisepses in Australia

The ABC’s Nick Kyme has spoken to a terminologist who is calling for an end to the practice of euthanasia in Australia.In an interview on ABC Radio National’s Today programme, the doctor, Dr David Rauch, said euthanasia was a cruel, degrading and dehumanising practice that he feared would not stop.“I’ve been a terminally ill person […]

How doctors treat surgical antisepsis

It was a day to celebrate.There were tears and hugs.There was even a chance for one of the many people who have been suffering from the complications of surgical antisephasias to get to the hospital.“I’m going to have to have surgery today,” a man with an angina attack told me.“It’s going to be like a […]

How to save yourself from Listeriosis by avoiding antibiotics

The number of infections associated with the coronavirus has reached epidemic proportions.And with the virus’ spread in the U.S. and around the world, the number of Listeria cases is also growing.This is why many doctors are urging people to get tested for Listeriolosis.But while that may be tempting, Listeritis can be complicated.Here are some facts […]

Which states have the highest rates of sepsi, and why?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent update on the country’s chronic, acute and pneumonia-causing infections rates revealed that states with the highest sepsidities rates are in California, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont.While the states with higher rates of infection are often considered safe havens for residents of those states, many are also […]

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