A new game is launching in 2018, but one that will also be anti-social, antiseptic, and violent, according to a new report from Polygon.

The game, which is titled Antiseptic: The Antisocial, is described as a “social-game” that will “create a new social environment in which the players will be able to experiment, challenge and learn.”

The game will have four different gameplay modes, which you can see below: “Aerial combat” where you’re flying through the sky and taking on waves of enemies, “Survival” where your character is able to climb trees and run through walls, “Cooperative play” where players can “collect, craft and equip” items to increase their performance, and “Casual play” in which players can fight and shoot.

The developer behind the game is Antony Evans, who describes the game as a follow-up to his game, “Antisocial.”

“Antispictics: The Anomaly Game will not be an easy game, as you will have to learn the art of social interaction with a host of players,” Evans wrote in a description.

“This game will be a challenge, a game where the players can go to extremes, but only one at a time.

You will have no escape in this game and it is going to be a great challenge to discover your own unique play style.”

Evans also described Antispicts as a game that “will allow the players to find the perfect balance between being the best player and being the most antisocial.

I think the game will give the players something to strive for, something to be proud of, something that is challenging but rewarding and a great place to learn.”

It will also have a new story, which was not previously revealed, but Evans told Polygon that it will tell a “new story” in 2018.

Evans says the game, based on a real-life story, is “about the relationship between people and their social behavior, with the idea of making people more comfortable and making them feel good.”

The publisher of Antispics told Polygons that the game “will be a new experience that is not a direct sequel to the previous Antispica game,” but rather, a “re-imagining” of the game that has been in development for years.

The company also told Polygamers that it is not targeting a specific age group for Antisptic, as that will be decided later on.

“We have a diverse audience with different ages and skills,” the publisher told Polygamer.

“If we had to choose one age group or one skill group, we would have chosen the group that would be most interested in this experience.”

Antispatic: The Aesthetic will launch on Steam and iOS in early 2018, with more platforms to be announced at a later date.