Enfermería, a town in northern Spain, was the scene of anti-Semitic attacks and attacks against Jewish people in recent years.

A group of people set up a banner that read, “All Jews are Jews,” and started an online petition against the “Jewish community.”

They also called for the city to ban the use of the word “Jew” by its residents, and demanded the release of all “Jewish suspects.”

The people behind the anti-Israel campaign also said they would “destroy the Jewish community in the city” by removing its synagogues and “every other Jewish institution” in the area.

Anti-Semitic incidents in the region have surged in recent months.

A wave of anti and anti-Israeli demonstrations in Barcelona, Spain, last month saw hundreds of Jewish people injured by stones and fireworks.

The anti-Jewish attacks also prompted an investigation into the use by right-wing activists of antiwar slogans during the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011 and 2012.

The Spanish government has recently adopted a law against anti-Semites, and a similar measure is expected to be approved in Spain later this year.

Anti-“Semite” graffiti was sprayed on a Jewish cemetery in Tenerife in 2014, but that incident has since been ruled illegal.