Buenos Aires, Argentina — Argentina’s National Action Party (PAN) called Monday for a special prosecutor to probe allegations that its leader has received threats from anti-Semites.

The party’s political leader and the party’s secretary general called for a thorough investigation of PAN President Jorge Glasper’s alleged antisepsis comments, in a statement.

The statement comes after the party said Tuesday that Glasper had received threats via WhatsApp from anti-“Zionist” and “Zionists” who said he should “go to jail.”

In a statement issued Monday, PAN called for an inquiry into Glasper, who is a former Argentine diplomat.

“We have serious doubts about his veracity and we call on the state to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation,” the statement said.

The PAN said it had been informed by Glasper that he had been subjected to the antisepses, which were directed at him and other PAN leaders.

“This type of threats are not only a violation of freedom of expression but also the right to equality,” PAN’s statement said, referring to the right of citizens to express their views.

“Glasper has been subject to the anti-Semitic threat in the past and we urge the state authorities to act swiftly and decisively against him,” the party statement added.

The National Action party has long been under fire from within its own ranks.

Glasper has previously been accused of antisepsi comments that sparked protests and boycotts of his party.

A PAN spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A group of people hold up a banner calling for Glasper to resign as PAN President, as seen in Buenos Aires January 23, 2017.

The group’s website calls on Argentines to “stop the war against us, end the corruption, stop the wars of the rich, end all the corruption” and for Glas per to “do the right thing and resign.”

The group also accuses Glasper of “being the one that is being blamed for all of this” and says he is a “victim” of “the anti-Zionism that has plagued Argentina.”

The PAN has called on the public to take to social media to voice their support for Glas PER.