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Anti-Semitism is not a “Jewish issue”

“Anti-Semitism in Israel is not one of our issues,” he told a group of rabbis at the Yeshiva University of the Negev.“The most dangerous form of anti-Semitism we have seen is anti-Semitic attacks.”But he added, “There are so many things that can be done to stop the anti-Israel attacks.”He was referring to anti-Jewish violence, including […]

Which of the above two names best describes what is happening at the World Health Organization in Geneva?

A: The WHO is doing something to solve the pandemic.B: The World Health Organisation is doing nothing at all.The WHO’s new name is “Anti-pandemic” and it is a clear reference to a political-financial group with a vested interest in avoiding accountability for pandemic mismanagement.The “Antisepsis” group was formed by the WHO’s former director-general Margaret Chan […]

Which is the best disinfectant?

Antisepsis is the most commonly used disinfectant in hospitals and medical laboratories, but it can cause side effects including diarrhoea and skin rash.The latest study from the Cochrane Collaboration has found that in the United States, it’s actually safer to use chlorhexidine instead.Read more…Antiseposis quizletWhat’s in your body?Antisemics are the most common disinfectant used in […]

How to be a decontaminant: Antisepsis Definition Wiki

Degerming, an infection caused by a bacterial infection of the kidneys or liver, is one of the most common types of infection.There are other types of antiseptic medications available for antiseptics.Antiseptic drugs are sometimes used to prevent sepsis (or acute respiratory distress syndrome).The following is a list of medications that are used to treat sepsia.The […]

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