The ABC’s Nick Kyme has spoken to a terminologist who is calling for an end to the practice of euthanasia in Australia.

In an interview on ABC Radio National’s Today programme, the doctor, Dr David Rauch, said euthanasia was a cruel, degrading and dehumanising practice that he feared would not stop.

“I’ve been a terminally ill person for more than 20 years, I’ve been through the trauma of having my parents put me in a chair for four weeks at the age of three,” Dr Raucho told the program.

Dr Rauchi’s comments come after a landmark study revealed the practice was the second leading cause of death among terminally-ill Australians.

It was conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and was the first to identify a link between the practice and suicide.

The findings showed that people in Australia are at a higher risk of dying from suicide than people in other countries.

Australian Government ‘deeply disappointed’ Dr Raurch said that despite the fact that he had the highest proportion of Australians suffering from terminal illness, he felt the Australian Government should act to prevent the practice from continuing.

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) said the findings of the study were “deeply disappointing” and the Government was “deepening” its understanding of the issue.

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Read more about terminology: The NHMRC said there were a number of reasons for the lack of information about terminologies in Australia, and that it would be better to have more data about them.

Its interim report was published on Monday and will be reviewed by the Health and Social Care Minister, Suzanne Jones, and the Minister for Disability and Rehabilitation, Catherine King.

Ms Jones said it was a matter for the Government to “review and revise” the findings.

There is also concern that the number of terminologies practised in Australia has decreased significantly over the last decade.

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