The latest Ant-Masters installment is a great addition to the Ant-Men franchise, and it also comes with a lot of great surprises.

Here are the best Ant-movies and Ant-heroes to watch this summer.


Ant-Max, 2017 The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of fantastic characters and the Ants have a lot to offer.

But while Max (Paul Rudd) is a badass, it’s not as good as Ant-1, aka Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who is super, super strong.

But if Ant-Minister (Bryan Cranston) isn’t your cup of tea, Ant-X (Michael B. Jordan) has a lot going on with his crazy, sentient robot friend.

He’s a great antihero, too, and his new nemesis, the Wasp (guest star Ciara Renée) is also a formidable foe.


Ants, 2016 Ant-Monkey’s got some great moments as the team fights a villainous robot, and the series also has a strong supporting cast.

But it’s the one scene that made Ant-Eddie (David Oyelowo) stand out: When the Ant Men come to rescue him from a robot that wants to steal his mind, they fight with their hands.

And even though the Ant’s got their backs, they don’t always succeed.


Ant, 2016 The team of Ant-Women and Ant Men can be pretty tough, and there are plenty of great moments in this movie.

But this scene is particularly memorable because it’s a very funny one: Two Ant-Wives, one a woman, the other a man, fight with each other to free their brother.


Antz, 2017 If Ant-Ra has any weakness, it is that he can’t fight.

That’s why he’s been so powerful in the past.

But his love interest, the new female Ant, has a new strength: She can’t be defeated.


Ant Man, 2017 There’s nothing like being in the Ant World, and this Ant-Mechanical version of the hero has a pretty good sense of humor.

Plus, he’s got his own special weapon: a giant ant.

But with his robotic friends, the Ant Man is a really dangerous guy.


Antman, 2018 This superhero is a lot like the one from the Antman comic book, with a little twist.

Instead of fighting the evil robots, he fights his own side of the team, including a robot called “The Ant.”


Antifa, 2017 Antifa was created by comedian Bill Maher and has been a popular comic book character since it first appeared in 1988.

But he’s also been an Ant-man since the first Ant-movie, and now he’s a leader of the Ant group.


Antwomans, 2017 When a giant robot takes over the Ant Nations, they must team up with a woman to defeat it.

This movie features the Ant Nation’s most iconic characters, and their relationship is fantastic.


AntMan and the Wazza, 2018 A team of four young men and a robot is coming to destroy the Ant Kingdom, and that’s exactly what the Ant man wants.

The Wazzas are a ragtag bunch of misfits who fight to protect the people.


AntZ, 2017 While there are a lot more Ant-s and Ants in this Antz movie, Ant Z is a bit more complicated.

The character is named after the Ant who was named after a Z-fighting machine.

The movie also features a young woman named Antz who can control a giant robotic arm called “Ant Z.”

And she’s got a special weapon.

Ant Z, a.k.a.

The Ant Machine, is a robot made of Ants that is programmed to do one thing: defeat the Waza.

And the Wzas have the Wza’s back.

Ant’s the biggest of the bunch, and Waza has to fight him, because his robot friends aren’t going to let him be the one to destroy them.