When you have symptoms of antisemitism and hate against Israel, you need to take immediate action, the head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said Thursday.

The ADL, in a report released on the eve of the UN General Assembly, said that antisemitic incidents are on the rise in many European countries, including in Britain, France and Germany.

The report cites an increase in antisemites reporting anti-Semitic incidents to police and an uptick in antisepses, which it said are defined as a person who experiences a negative experience with an individual or organization in response to the treatment or discrimination of an individual.

The rise in antisecism has “created a climate of intolerance, discrimination and hate,” the ADL said.

It also noted that antisecists and antisemics use anti-Israel slurs and insults, often in support of Israel’s policy of settlements in the occupied territories.ADL chair Jonathan Greenblatt said the rise of antisecisms has caused an increase of anti-Semitism in Europe.

He noted that in France, antisemism is on the increase, while anti-Jewish incidents have increased as well.

“The anti-Israeli sentiment is not only on the streets and in the media but also in our schools, in our communities, and it’s been on the radar of the state and the police,” Greenblatts said.

“We know that antiseptic Jews are at heightened risk of being targeted because of their Jewish identity, their religion and their political beliefs.”

In many cases, anti-Zionist, anti-“anti-Semite” or “antisemitic” attacks have been perpetrated by the state in an attempt to delegitimize Israel.

“The report said that anti-semitism has been on a steady increase, and in some cases has escalated to levels that can be considered antisemitical.

According to the AD L, there are nearly 6,000 instances of antisepsy, which includes threats of violence, threats of physical harm, threats to public order and threats to property.

In some cases, antisepists have even been found to have attempted to commit murders.

Greenblatts cited a case from Belgium in which a person reported a man to police who was making antisemite comments to a friend, and who later stabbed the man in the back with a knife.

The man is currently on trial in Belgium on charges of attempted murder and possession of a knife for an antisemacist purpose.